Yaquina Art Gallery Spotlight Shows featuring: Kate Alexander, the Pastel Class, and A.T. Ronan–September 23rd to October 6th

YAA Spotlight

In a two week Spotlight Show from September 23rd to October 6th , the Yaquina Art Association will be featuring Oil Painter Kate Alexander, Artwork from our Pastel Class, and Decorated Vessels by A.T. Ronan. The Yaquina Art Association Gallery is located in Nye Beach at 789 NW Beach Drive. Hours of operation are 11 am to 4 pm every day.

Kate Alexander has been painting in oils for 10 years.  She finds it a very relaxing and rewarding pastime.  The subject matter of her paintings has run the gauntlet of wolves to sea kelp gardens to personal portraits.  She lives by the beach in Seal Rock and finds plenty of oceanscape scenes to bring to her canvasses.  Born and raised in Oregon, Kate is happiest here in the beach towns where people are relaxed and friendly and ready with a smile.  

One Spotlight show is a sampling of art from Yaquina Art Associations Pastel Class. Pastel Teacher Charlotte Carter says, “No one is alike. We are all different from each other. We are unique. So naturally, we see the world around us differently. This is why I enjoy being an art teacher. I tell all my students they are unique and special, so their drawings and artwork will be unique and special also. When they were very small children, they saw a new, exciting world around them. Then often they picked up a pencil, some crayons or paint and drew bold and free, simple pictures of that world. “

She specifically chose teaching pastels because she believes that intuitively drawing with pastels provides an easy way to revisit your own childhood and recapture its child-like excitement and freedom. And the end result…a picture or a painting, is always a “one a kind” special piece of art.

The Pastel Class is one of the ongoing free classes provided to the local community by the Yaquina Art Association. All classes are held at the Visual Arts Center (next door to the YAA Gallery). For more information please telephone (541) 265-5133 or visit their website at: www.yaquinaart.org 

A.T. Ronan’s YAA Spotlight show will feature hand-painted and decorated vessels of unusual shapes and sizes. She uses glass and acrylic paints with beads, stones and other materials to create vividly colored useful gifts for all occasions.  Ronan said, “I enjoy watching how the paint floats on glass and then I enhance the color with contracting beads and stones to catch the light and make people smile.” Also on display and for sale will be glass and wooden bead bracelets that she enjoys making for fun.


"Fox" by Kate Alexander

“Fox” by Kate Alexander


"Coast" by Kate Alexander

“Coast” by Kate Alexander


Pastel Class - "Ocean" by Mike Beyer

Pastel Class – “Ocean” by Mike Beyer


Decorated Vessels  by A.T. Ronan

Decorated Vessels by A.T. Ronan