Free Seascape Classes at the Visual Art Center given by Yaquina Art Association Member Colleen Caubin

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There will be two free classes based on a workshop with Byron Pickering. Colleen Caubin is the instructor. The classes will take place on the 2nd floor of the Visual Arts Building located at 777 NW Beach Drive in the Nye Beach area.

Tuesday, October 3, 9am-11:30 –  Demo, and 2 studies one of rocks and one of a wave. This is the one to attend to get the most detailed information. You need to
have 2 prepared surfaces for this class, since Byron paints on very smooth canvas I have ordered some for the class cost will be about $2.50 each

Tuesday, October 10, 9am-11:30 –  We will put the studies to work on a full painting. The demo will be very short to give you the most time to paint. All classes will be at the VAC upstairs classroom.

Materials – Oils acrylics or pastel ok. You need Viridian green, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt Blue, Lemon yellow (cool), Cad yellow (warm) or Windsor yellow, Alizarin Crimson or Magenta, and White. You may also bring other colors you use, as long as they are professional grade colors, not student grade. DO NOT bring any turps or solvents to the class, but you can bring solvent free gel or linseed oil. If you are using acrylics it will be very helpful to use a retarding medium with it, not just water. Pastel people bring several values of each of the above and a variety of light tones. Working on a dark sanded surface will help, or you can do an alcohol wash to start. Bring the best brushes you have , in brights , flats and a scrip liner if you have one. Bring all the other stuff you use including a STABLE palette, not a dinky dish to mix stuff.

We will start off at 9am with a demo which will take about an hour, so bring a notepad to jot down what I talk about.

I hope to see you there, and just know any level is welcome.  I will not do as much teaching as in past classes. I want you to have the experience  of painting which is always the best teacher.

Email me if you have questions, or call 707-322-9358.

We will work on something similar to this painting by Byron.

By Byron Pickering

By Byron Pickering