Yaquina Art Gallery Spotlight Shows Featuring En-caustic Artist Bea Sands, Photographer B.J. Trotter, and Acrylic Painter Rosemary Sumner–October 7 to October 20

YAA Spotlight

In a two week Spotlight Show from October 7th to October 20th, the Yaquina Art Association will be featuring En-Caustic Artist Bea Sands, Photographer B.J. Trotter, and Acrylic Painter Rosemary Sumner. The Yaquina Art Association Gallery is located in Nye Beach at 789 NW Beach Drive. Hours of operation are 11 am to 4 pm every day.

Bea Sands gets her inspiration from working with different media. She likes making art from the familiar rather than the unfamiliar most of the time. She really loves working with crayons and beading on beeswax.  Bea had the great opportunity to learn oil painting from Linda Luckini, stained glass from Howard Rubin, and beading on beeswax from Jan McKay. She has also enjoyed working with clay this last year and will have a few pieces on display.

Bea enjoys living in Newport, and has traveled both Europe and Alaska.  She was born in Portland, OR. When she was six, her family moved to a farm SE of Portland where Mt. Hood was always in view. She was always fascinated by the changes of color on the mountain.

On her Wall Spotlight Bea will be displaying En-Caustic wax and acrylic paintings. She will also have an assortment of cards made from past works and jewelry made using agates and sea glass.

On the Spotlight Wall and Pedestals will feature the art from two sisters: B.J. Trotter and Rosemary Sumner. Both sisters enjoy the beauty of Oregon, especially the Oregon Coast. Their love of Oregon’s beauty is expressed in two different ways: photography and painting.

B.J. Trotter is a photographer who loves to take her camera wherever she goes, recording her travels and interests through that medium. Her passion is macro-photography. She really loves to photograph flowers, having recently made a return visit to Amsterdam and the Keukenhof Gardens, as well as going to France and capturing shots of Monet’s garden. She produces beautiful and colorful scenes that delight the eye.

Rosemary Sumner has a bachelor of fine art from Auburn University, earning a degree in Visual Art. After many years of working in the art department of a large printing company, she returned to her first love: painting. Rosemary primarily paints in acrylic and often in bold color combinations. She has been influenced greatly by the art of Georgia O’Keefe and Vincent Van Gogh.

The sisters also do various arts and crafts, including scarves, pet bandanas, and sports themed dammit dolls. They have many art tiles they have made featuring scenes from the Oregon Coast as well as magnets and cards.


B.J. Trotter and Rosemary Sumner

B.J. Trotter and Rosemary Sumner


"Fall" by Bea Sands

“Fall” by Bea Sands


By Rosemary Sumner

By Rosemary Sumner