Two week spotlight show featuring artists: Charlotte Carter, Jane Hodgkins, and Susan Hatfield.

YAA Spotlight

In a two week Spotlight Show from June 17th to June 30th, the Yaquina Art Association will be featuring artists: Charlotte Carter, Jane Hodgkins, and Susan Hatfield. The Yaquina Art Association Gallery is located in Nye Beach at 789 NW Beach Drive. Hours of operation are 11 am to 5 pm every day. 

On the West Spotlight Wall is artist Charlotte Carter. Charlotte is a retired long time resident of Newport and is an active member of the Yaquina Art Association. Formerly she worked as a Graphic Artist, Illustrator, and Adult Education Instructor. Now Charlotte is a volunteer teacher for the ongoing Pastel Class at the Visual Arts Center. This class meets Thursdays from 10 – 12 noon. The students have a wide range of art backgrounds. Some of them are beginning artists, but all of them are enthusiastic and creative. Charlotte wishes that her students “have fun and tap into their inner creative child.” 

The Pastel Class is one of many ongoing free classes provided to the local community by the Yaquina Art Association. All classes are held at the Visual Arts Center (next door to the YAA Gallery). For more information please telephone (541) 265-5133 or visit their website at: 

On the East Spotlight Wall is artist Jane Hodgkins. Since retiring two years ago, Jane had the opportunity to explore the world of printmaking (block printing, dry point etching, and silkscreen) and ceramics.

In printmaking, she enjoys the process of either carving or etching the image onto a plate. Once that is done, she says the fun really begins. There are the endless possibilities for creating the artwork; choosing the paper, choosing the inks, and using different methods to apply the inks.

In ceramics, she will use a linoleum plate carved for a block print to create an image in the clay. She will then turn it into a book cover or plate.

Jane’s art display will include a variety of prints made using different techniques, including linoleum block prints, dry point etchings, silkscreens, nature prints, and eco-dyed nature prints. Just in time for Fourth of July, she will also have some flags made from agates and wood chewed by beavers from the beach.

On our Artisan Spotlight Pedestals is artist Susan Hatfield. Susan has a love for mosaics, mostly in the shapes of a variety of animals. Her work gives her the chance to enjoy the outdoors in order to collect rocks and found objects to grout together on different forms to make her art.

Susan is originally a native Californian. She and her sister owned a large antique store in San Clemente, CA for ten years before retiring and moving to the Oregon Coast eleven years ago. Susan also enjoys encaustic painting and dabbles in photography. 

"Peppers" by Charlotte Carter

“Peppers” by Charlotte Carter


"Ecodyed Hanging" by Jane Hodgkins

“Ecodyed Hanging” by Jane Hodgkins


by Susan Hatfield

by Susan Hatfield